Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Program

The Department of Labor Standards (DLS) issues prevailing wage information for construction projects and other types of public work. Prevailing wages are the average hourly wages paid to employees of similar industries. Businesses looking to compete in Town of Brookline contracts must adhere to the Prevailing Wage schedule for their industry.

DLS issues prevailing wage schedules to cities, towns, counties, districts, authorities, and state agencies. Workers must receive these hourly wage rates when working on a public project. Prevailing Wage rate schedules vary by region, type of work and other factors. To get the proper rates for Brookline and your industry, you must request a determination. You must first register as a requestor here, then request prevailing wage information here. You may also request an example prevailing wage schedule here.

Awarding authorities are reminded that state contracts and state-aided contracts must also include the processes and procedures required of businesses to ensure compliance with statutory Workforce Participation Goals, including reporting and enforcement provisions, for women and minorities. G.L. c. 149, ยง 44A(2)(G).

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Additional Requirements

When applying for bids, you may be required to report your workforce composition, i.e., the number of women and minority employees. This information would be listed directly in the bid document. 

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